In 1962 Troop 342 was chartered as a Boy Scout Troop by the Glennon Heights Elementary School PTA.  It was combined with members of Troop 477 in 1978, when the Sun Valley Elementary School was closed.  Ironically, Troop 342 now meets at the Green Mountain Christian Church, which sits on the same site as the Sun Valley Elementary, but the Troop remains chartered to the Glennon Heights Elementary School PTA.


The philosophy of our Troop is expressed in the mission statement of the Boy Scouts of America:

"It is the mission of the Boy Scouts of America to serve others by helping to instill values in young people and in other ways prepare them to make ethical choices over their lifetime in achieving their full potential"

We believe in the "Youth-led, Adult-sponsored" philosophy.  The Scouts lead and run the meetings, outings, and calendar planning, and the adults make sure the Scouting Program is delivered.  We ask that each family that joins the Troop also register at least one adult, and that the adult participate actively with the Troop.


The Troop charges initial dues of $45, which covers the cost of registration, Boys Life Magazine, accident insurance, the Troop neckerchief, the Troop shoulder patch, and the Troop activity shirt..  Annual dues drops to $35 after the Scout's first year.


Most (monthly) weekend activities cost $25 per person with high-adventure activities, summer camp, and ski trips costing slightly more.  Scouts and leaders must provide personal camping equipment, such as sleeping bags, hiking boots, rain wear, and a mess kit.  The Troop provides tents, cooking equipment/utensils, and a storage facility for Troop-owned equipment.  The Troop provides several annual fund-raising opportunities for Scouts to earn their personal funding for the program.  Many Scouts are able to fund their entire year of Scouting on a single fund-raising activity.  The Troop typically provides at least three opportunities each year for the Scout to earn funds for their personal account.


Troop 342 believes in the uniform policy of the BSA.  Each Scout and adult activity leader is expected to wear the official Boy Scout Field Uniform to meetings and activities.  "Experienced" uniforms are often available from several sources.  Scouts are presented with all awards and recognition items for the uniform, as well as the Troop neckerchief, paid with Troop funds.  Troop funds rely on a single fund-raising yard sale, and as such Scouts and parents are expected to support that endeavor.


We believe in instant recognition of Scouts that advance in rank, and the Scouts receive those awards as soon as they are earned.  Three times each year, the Troop will hold a special "Court-of-Honor" to formally recognize each Scout for their achievements, including Merit Badges and special awards.  These receptions generally include a pot-luck dinner or barbeque for the Scouts, their families and friends.  Eagle Scouts have a special Court-of-Honor, planned and paid for by the parents, and supported by the Troop.


Adults and youth have numerous opportunities for leadership training.  Assistant Scoutmasters and senior youth leaders are required to be BSA-trained.  All parents wishing to participate in overnight activities must have "Youth Protection Training", as provided by the Boy Scouts of America.





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